6 Must-See Fashion Documentaries From the Last Decade

Fashion is every around us from the clothes we wear, the selection at retailers, and the advertising in so many formats. There has been a journey for each designer and artist as they began as a newbie all the way until the pinnacle moment where they became a success. Learn more about the history of fashion design and the artists that made it all possible with the best fashion documentaries in the last decade.

Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston (2010)

1970s designer Roy Halston, who went by his last name, revolutionized the fashion scene. His clothes became the face of disco and garnered him close friends in the Hollywood circle. Southern Charms, shown on Bravo, star Whitney Sudler-Smith stars in the documentary. She has long since adored Halston and it shows in the film. The documentary features interviews with big names like Liza Minelli.

Inside Dior (2016)

Gain an insider’s view of the high fashion world at the iconic Dior brand. This two-part documentary follows the company’s search for a new creative director that can live up to the prestigious Dior name. The predecessors had brought the brand to new heights and international recognition as a top brand. The selection process turned out to be difficult. Viewers can follow along with the search until the final choice is made.

Bill Cunningham New York (2011)

Famous fashion photographer Bill Cunnigham takes on the streets of New York. He finds and photographs the best street styles of the Big Apple. Learn about his career spent working as a columnist for The New York Times. It would be hard to find a man that has embraced street fashion the same way that Bill Cunningham does. Fall in love with his unique humour and outlook on life, love, and fashion.

McQueen (2018)

His mind was unique, his designs innovative, and his death tragic. Lee Alexander McQueen, the famed British designer, took the world by storm with his artistry. He reached a seemingly impossible level of success before taking his own life in 2010. Delve deep into McQueen’s personal life and career while learning about how he turned his modest beginnings to international success.

House of Z (2017)

Not every brand that becomes successful stays successful. Zac Posen became a household name at the age of 21. He went from nobody to a coveted design before falling out of the public’s favour. Follow the rise and fall of Posen as he reaches a low point and fights to win back the fickle adoration of the world.

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist (2018)

One look at 76-year-old Vivienne Westwood and it is clear she isn’t the average woman her age. Westwood is, in fact, responsible for bringing the punk movement into fashion. For 40 years she kept her designs edgy, yet wearable, while creating a culture of acceptance for all kinds of people. Learn about her colourful past, experiences with the famed band the Sex Pistols, and a legacy that lives on.

Designers have shared their passions and expressed their artistry for ages. These are the best fashion documentaries from the last decade. Each film highlights a talented designer or famous brand and provides viewers insight into an industry that only the privileged get to work in.

Best of all each documentary broadens the mind to the experiences of others that pushed forward when others fell behind and whose stories can be learned from for future generations of designer and fashion lovers alike.

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